The Solution In The City

Business leaders in Connecticut often bemoan: “The sky is
 falling. All the kids are leaving the state.” While there may be
 a sector of generation next eager to flee their home state,
New Haven Promise Scholar college graduates, which includes the most diverse student body to enroll in that state’s public schools, are choosing to stay in Connecticut and are eager to take their place in the city they love. The fact is our Promise Scholars are the key to the state’s success in the coming years.

Elm City Market — located within New Haven’s famous nine squares — has been committed to hiring Promise scholars year-round

New Haven Promise scholar graduates bring tangible assets 
that are the envy of non-Promise cities. New Haven Promise Scholar graduates are diverse, college educated, have little-to
-no college debt, are networked to resources in their home city and the universities that educated them, and our scholars love the social, hip, foodie and cultural scene in the Elm City.

New Haven recently became the largest public school district in the State of Connecticut with nearly 22,000 students. And it looks like the Elm City is poised to widen the enrollment gap over Bridgeport and Hartford in the coming decade. New Haven is expecting a seven-percent increase in school-aged residents while the other top 10 cities in Connecticut are projected for an increase of half that size. 
If you want a solution to the perceived “brain drain” from the state, look no further than New Haven’s Promise story.

The City of New Haven will have the state’s largest increase in population between 2015 and 2030, according to a 2017 study conducted by the Connecticut State Data Center. The Elm City’s population is expected to grow by nearly 10,000 people (9,924) by 2030, putting its population above 140,000 for the first time since the 1960s.

Also by 2030, New Haven will not only be home to the state’s largest population of residents under the age of 30, but will also have nearly 20 percent more twenty-somethings than any other city in Connecticut. So if you are looking to a place that is attracting and retaining young talent — perhaps those with vital technological skills that many boomers lack — think about New Haven.